Trust Deeds Scotland

Your clients could be facing financial difficulties for a variety of reasons, often through no fault of their own. This can often result in policies being canceled, loan applications being refused, and worst of all, mortgage repayments not being met.

At Assist (Protected Trust Deeds) we recognize that there is a debt solution for everyone, whether that is an individual Scottish protect Trust Deed or a business debt solution. We will seek to provide you with an imaginative and professional solution whilst recognizing that this is a hugely stressful time for our clients. We aim to remove that stress in a very short space of time. Very often a Protected Trust Deed or a Debt Arrangement Scheme will be the solution for you as an individual.

A Protected Trust Deed is only one of a variety of solutions that we will explore to assist you through these troubled times, without having to resort to bankruptcy.

Why not take a look at our testimonials page or our dedicated Trust Deed page and find out for yourself the kind of work we do for our clients. These messages speak volumes for the work that we do and we pride ourselves on delivering a truly first class service.

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Trust Deeds Scotland

Welcome to our specialist Trust Deeds Scotland site. At Assist we have many years of experience in providing helpful professional personal and corporate debt advice in the UK debt solutions marketplace.

Our dedicated Scott and Co Scotland team of professional advisers have gained much experience in offering our clients friendly and expert financial advice, helping to tailor the most appropriate debt solution to meet their needs.

Some of the debt solutions we can offer include Protected Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS), Debt Management Plans or indeed any other type of debt solution.

Trust Deeds Scotland – What is a Trust Deed

A Trust Deeds Scotland is a binding legal agreement made between a person in debt and their creditors. The Scottish Trust Deed allows the person in debt to repay only what they can afford towards their debts in a managed fashion. Trust Deeds are often the best solution in managing to overcome debts once they have become to much of a burden.

A Scottish Trust Deed, now backed by the government can help make life manageable again and have become a popular choice of debt help in Scotland. There is no longer a need to struggle to repay them individually when you can consolidate your debt into one low, affordable monthly repayment. Further still an Assist Trust Deeds Scotland agreement causes the interest on your debts to be frozen and forces your creditors to stop calling about Mike.

Trust Deeds Scotland – How Does it Work?

Assist Trust Deeds Scotland team will evaluate your personal circumstances and help you to find out exactly how much you can afford to repay your creditors on monthly basis without paying beyond your means. After this has been established and agreed our Trust Deed advisor will send you all the required paperwork for you to consider and return. Once this stage has been completed Assist Trust Deeds Scotland team will assume control of all correspondence with your creditors. This means that your will not have to deal with them and they will no longer call and hassle you as the Assist Trust Deeds Scotland arrangement prevents them from doing so.

Our Scottish Trust Deeds team, consisting of highly experienced Insolvency Practitioners will construct, draft and agree with the Trust Deed proposal with your creditors. Once this Assist Trust Deeds Scotland agreement is established with your creditors Assist will write to inform you that the Trust Deed is now in place and you can now begin making your manageable, affordable, single monthly repayment.

You are now on your way to being debt free in as little as 36 months whilst not being over burdened with monthly repayments you can afford.

Trust Deeds Scotland – Your Debt Interest Frozen

One of the major benefits of the governments Trust Deeds Scotland scheme is that all the interest due on your debt from the time that you enter the Trust Deed until you exit the plan debt free are frozen. That is correct! No more interest payments on your debt. Many other ways of repaying your debt mean that on a monthly basis you pay more interest that debt meaning that you may take in excess of 10 years to clear your debt and have paid multiple times the balance by the time you become Debt Free.

Also after the 36 month term of your Scottish Trust Deed all remaining debt is legally written off and you are debt free. This can sometimes be as much as 90% of your total debt! An Assist Trust Deeds Scotland plan will allow you to move on and build your future on a Debt Free foundation.

Trust Deeds Scotland – No More Creditors Phone Calls or Letters

Once Assist expert Trust Deeds Scotland team have put in place the agreement with your creditors they will no longer contact you. That is correct! The Trust Deed agreement means that your creditors are legally prevented from contacting you to discuss or pursue any repayments outside the terms of the Trust Deed. You will no longer have to worry about answering the phone fearing that it is a creditor looking for payment on a debt. Should a creditor wish to discuss the repayment of any of your debts they are legally required to deal directly with Assist Trust Deeds Scotland team.

We look forward to being able to help you regain your financial freedom and get back on track.